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Second Chance Love/Age Gap/Dark MC Romance/Bad Boy~Good Girl

Mamba, the Serpents MC enforcer is loyal to his brothers—he’s at the top of his game as a cage fighter, and his winnings allow him to give Mandy a life he never thought possible.

Mandy’s life is full and rewarding. Opening her new nail salon and carrying Mamba’s baby, a man she loves and respects—she never expected to feel such happiness.

All good things are on their horizon. What could go wrong? Until . . .

Mamba becomes secretive and withdrawn. Anonymous phone calls take him away in the middle of the night, returning hours later with no explanation.

Mamba will do anything to give his family the life he never had, but is the price too high? Or will giving his family the good life jeopardize his own?


Salvation is a story of personal struggle, growth, and finding out that material possessions do not equate love. Salvation has violence and street language. There is no cheating and a most definite HEA

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Club Wicked/Mafia Romance

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