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Loving Smoke/RBMC

Dark MC Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Mistaken Identity, Age Gap, Forbidden Romance


I  screwed up bad—So bad the chapter prez of the Royal Bastards banished me and my VP to a beat-to-shit strip club in Tijuana to take down a cartel boss who’s been screwing with our gun supply. I was pissed off big time until—a sweet, hotter-than-hell woman walked into the club, and turned my life sideways.


I’ve lived a privileged life—private schools, European vacations, a villa on the Baja Coast. Everything my father’s illegal cartel money could buy until—

the unspeakable happens. 

His violent lifestyle resulted in my mother’s murder. 

Now I’m out for revenge and I’m targeting the outlaw MC responsible—

The Royal Bastards.


Loving Smoke is Book 1 in the Royal Bastards world. It contains steamy sex, street language and violence, but not cheating or abuse.

Club Wicked/Mafia Romance

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