Beyond Redemption/Joker


What happens when an outlaw biker teams up with a beautiful con woman?

Joker needs to break free of the Raiders MC to keep his son safe.

A trip to Miami, and a deal with the cartel will gain him that freedom.

Daisy wants to leave the con game behind and start over.

But playing it straight isn’t as easy as it sounds when the line between truth and lies is blurred.

Can they trust each other to work together on one last scam that pits his vicious club president against a murderous drug lord? Or will the price of freedom get lost in the depth of their deception? Their world twists and turns until neither one is sure who’s in control as they teeter on the edge of what they need and what they want.

Beyond Remorse/Cobra

Cobra, the president of the Las Vegas Serpents MC, doesn’t have time for distractions as he struggles to look after his handicapped brother, Danny, and keep him far away from the MC world. An old agreement with a greedy mob boss, helped pay for Danny’s care, but dealing with the devil could put Cobra and The Serpents in jeopardy.


Sheena, the savvy, card hustler, is determined to go straight, and get out of the life. Not so easy when the rent is due and your dinner is a bowl of cereal. Or when the same mobster holds secrets over your head, and refuses to set you free. 


A biker wedding of mutual friends ignites a flame, and throws these two rebels together. Cobra knows peeling back Sheena’s layers could mess with his equilibrium, and Sheena knows the bad-boy biker with the crystal blue eyes could easily unravel her world, but a bottle of tequila later, he takes a very drunk Sheena home and tucks her into bed—Alone. 


When their screwed up situations inevitably fall apart, they are forced to work together. Great if you believe in storybook endings, not so much if you’re a realist who knows vicious fuckers never give up. Las Vegas is a city of dreams, and second chances, but Cobra must take a stand. Fight for his club, and protect his brother, or save Sheena from falling back into a life of crime.

Beyond Regret/Python


Python has enough crazy in his life. Running Ecstasy, a high-end strip club for the Serpents, the random women that warm his bed, and the bookie breathing down his neck is more than the six-foot-five biker can handle. Until Virginia stumbles into his life.

A case of mistaken identity drops Virginia Swanson, a KLAS news reporter, into Python’s apartment while he’s celebrating his birthday, in his bedroom, with two other women. The flush in Virginia’s cheeks, and the way the petite blonde stumbles out of his bedroom on her spike heels makes him smile.


These two opposites are thrown together again, and a night of sheet-gripping, lip biting passion ignites a thirst neither can quench, but the timing is all wrong.

Python’s dealing with a whacko president of a rival MC, and a vindictive bookie who wants his fifty grand. So to keep Virginia safe, Python pushes her away.


Virginia has some secrets of her own, and when Python’s life spirals out of control she may be the only one who can save him, even if it means giving him up.

Can Virginia come to Python’s rescue in time, and prove to him that she’s tougher than she appears? Or will Python conquer his demons both tangible and internal, and bring them both to a place Beyond Regret.


Redemption/Joker and Daisy


Fairytales can come true. That is, if the fairytale includes a tatted biker and a con woman trying to go straight in the dazzling city of Las Vegas. 


Joker didn’t believe in Redemption. He never expected to have a woman like Daisy strut into his life, but even she can’t absolve him of his past sins. Joker put the biker life behind him, but the outlaw is in his blood. It’s an addiction he can’t shake, even if his decision to join the Serpents MC threatens his marriage.


Daisy knows what the biker life cost both her and Joker, and his decision has her questioning his love, especially now when she is about to give birth to their first baby.

Hours after Joker accepts the title of VP with the


Serpents MC, his life flips sideways. Daisy and their unborn baby are put in jeopardy, and everything he believes to be true is a lie. 

To save Daisy, Joker turns to the Serpents for help, but are they the reason his life is imploding, or are they his saviors?






Beyond Paradise
Jonny and Cheryl's story is a fast-paced trek from the glitter of New York to the tropical sun of South Beach as they surrender to the growing passion that could wreck them.

Dangerous Paradise


Eddie is desperate to put his past behind him until saving Paige, a woman way out of his league threatens to throw him back to the life that nearly destroyed him.

Forbidden Paradise


Dylan loved boosting cars. Only twenty-four, and he was one of the vest in Brooklyn. Nothing got in his way except the desperate, ebony eyes of a mystery woman in the wrong place at the wrong damn time.