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Fairytales can come true. That is, if the fairytale includes a tatted biker and a con woman trying to go straight in the dazzling city of Las Vegas. 


Joker didn’t believe in Redemption. He never expected to have a woman like Daisy strut into his life, but even she can’t absolve him of his past sins. Joker put the biker life behind him, but the outlaw is in his blood. It’s an addiction he can’t shake, even if his decision to join the Serpents MC threatens his marriage.


Daisy knows what the biker life cost both her and Joker, and his decision has her questioning his love, especially now when she is about to give birth to their first baby.

Hours after Joker accepts the title of VP with the


Serpents MC, his life flips sideways. Daisy and their unborn baby are put in jeopardy, and everything he believes to be true is a lie. 

To save Daisy, Joker turns to the Serpents for help, but are they the reason his life is imploding, or are they his saviors?



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